"And this is the comedy of Pan, that is played at night in the thick forest. ... and this is the heart of the ritual
that is accomplished in the Vault of the Adepts that is hidden in the Mountain of the Caverns, even the Holy Mountain Abiegnus."

Osara: The Book of Gates

1. He went up the mountain and fire blazed out of his mouth and the fire divided the world.

2. Behold, I say: from the cup of the rose the eagle arises, its wings are order and chaos. I am the fire of truth. The road to the unicorn leads through me. I make no distinction between life and death. There is a crown on my bowed head, the dragon came and said: see!

3. I'm not a man, I am not a woman. I am manifestation.

4. A triangle on my forehead. I am alone. I am the flame mellowed in the womb of darkness.

5. My path is zero, I manifest in six. My love is directed inwards, my will is directed outwards, for my foundation is non-existence, my kingdom is the whole of the world.

6. I am You, the yesterday and tomorrow.

7. If there is light on one side of the gate and dark on the other, then the light shall penetrate the dark side but the dark shall not penetrate the light.

8. The Night once went to see the Sun and asked: what is Thy will? The Sun answered: I don't see you.

9. I saw a falling angel, he was as dark as the light where he was falling to.

10. I have created heaven and earth in order to create men and women. With this, I have marked the beginning and the end of time.

11. Life is not suffering but the manifestation of will.

12. I am the gate, You are the key.

13. I am a blacksmith, I have formed my key from matter, I have formed it with wind, fire and water. My words shall become keys in your hands.

14. The word is the prophet of the new Aeon.

15. Behold, I have spoken. I have given the words of truth that bind all to dust.

2002. Osara LaMort